North Ayrshire Women’s Aid received their Bronze during the summer of 2014. The organisation invited young people from Voices Unheard to visit and review the service and the young people noted that North Ayrshire Women’s Aid was very reflective and honest about their journey. They recognised and understood how they needed to improve at the start of the process; this is a really important starting point for any charter client.

Their commitment to the process was evident in the training that they organised for staff. 98% of staff received LGBT inclusion training, with transgender specific information, delivered over two days. In addition to this, after review and feedback, their equality and diversity policy goes beyond the requirements within the Equality Act 2010 and specifically mentions gender identity and gender expression.

Although ensuring that an organisation’s own resources are LGBT inclusive is a silver level standard, North Ayrshire Women’s Aid felt that this was an important part of presenting themselves to potential service users. They recognised that they did not have the budget to re-print existing resources so they allotted staff time to add LGBT inclusive stickers to their flyers as an interim solution. They received their award at their AGM sharing information with their board, and invited local press, stakeholders and local organisations to find out more about the LGBT Charter of Rights programme and their progress.