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The LGBT Charter

The LGBT Charter is a straightforward programme that enables your organisation or school to proactively include LGBTQ+ people in every aspect of your work, protecting your staff and providing a high quality service to your customers, students or service users.

  • LGBT Awareness Training

    In addition to the LGBT Charter programme, we are proud to offer a standalone online training module to interested cohorts of staff and practitioners.

    View LGBT Awareness Training
  • The LGBT Charter for Organisations

    Find out more about the LGBT Charter for Organisations and how the programme can help your organisation be LGBT inclusive for staff, volunteers, service users or customers.

    View The LGBT Charter for Organisations
  • The LGBT Charter for Schools

    Find out how the LGBT Charter for Schools can help your school proactively include LGBTQ+ staff and learners, ensuring that they are safe supported and included.

    View The LGBT Charter for Schools
  • LGBT Charter Awardees

    Take a look at the organisations and schools that have been awarded the LGBT Charter.

    View LGBT Charter Awardees

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