Case Study: R


I always believed or though that there were two sexualities. You were either gay (lesbian) or straight. Because I thought this I was really confused when I realised I liked both girls and boys. I felt very alone and isolated, like no one else would be in a similar situation to me. Trying to accept that I like girls in the first place was really hard then I had to deal with accepting that I liked both boys and girls.

While growing up, in every princess story or games that we played in primary school, there was always a prince and a princess or a mummy and a daddy- there was never a mummy and a mummy or a princess and a princess. This probably made accepting my sexuality a lot harder as it was something that was not perceived as normal and I hadn't heard of or known anybody that was bisexual.

I still am not ready to come out to my family as they have very classic and old school views and I'm not sure how they will react to the news. Even at school I'm scared that my friends will be nervous around me if I tell them that I am bisexual. I am sure that someday I will be ready to come out officially but I'm not quite there yet.

I think that people don't really take bisexuals seriously. They believe that bisexuals are just delaying the choice and that they don't really know what sexuality they are so they go halfway in between. I think that in order to help people understand more about bisexuality and other less known sexualities, there should be websites and workshops in schools and universities. If this happens then I believe that it won't be as hard for teenagers or anyone of any age to 'come out' as everyone will be more aware and it will in a way become more normal and every day rather than being the odd one out.

R, 14

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