Case Study: Lili


I didn't realise I was bisexual until I was 15 years old (I'm now 17). I always felt some sort of attraction to girls but I never even spent a minute to think about why that was. The day I realised was when a girl called Sam added me on Facebook and she started talking about all these girls she found attractive and without noticing I agreed with her. She then asked, "So I take it you're bi?" I replied "Yeah...I guess I am haha".

And since then she has been one of my closest friends and my moral support for helping me come to terms with it. Of course it wasn't that simple to me to come to terms I kept thinking "maybe I'm just curious or maybe it's just a phase"

But eventually I realised that I had been like this all my life so it had to make sense. The first person I came out to (apart from Sam because she lives in England) was my friend Kyle who I went to school with. I was sitting in media studies and I had been wanting to tell him for a while. Because I'm a chicken and I was on the verge of crying with nerves I texted him.
"Hey Kyle I have something to tell you..."
"Hey, what's up sweetie?"
"Oh god this is difficult."
"Tell me when you're ready don't rush yourself, are you okay?"
"I'm bi sexual...There I said it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you to your face it's just really scary."
"What class are you in?"
"Media. why?.."

Two minutes later I got a text message from him saying "ask to go to the bathroom".
As I got out the class he swung his arms around me. I started crying with happiness.
I'm still in the closet to everyone in my family apart from my brother who is gay. Most of my friends know and I am open about it to everyone apart from my family. I even got my first kiss from a girl the other week when I went to Glasgow pride!

It's always scary coming out but it's not as scary as feeling is isolated and alone because of a secret.
Lili, 17

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