Bi Visibility Stories

Bi Visibility- Your Stories

Every year on 23rd of September Bi Visibility Day is celebrated to improve the visibility of bisexual people.

We wanted to take the time to showcase the voices of young bisexual people living in Scotland. Click on a name to read a case study and join us in celebrating bisexuality. 


Janice works at LGBT Youth Scotland and discusses the need to challenge bipobia and more inclusive education in schools. 


Deva works at LGBT Youth Scotland and is interested making sure that voices of young people who are embers of the LGBT community are heard.

You can read Deva's story here.


Zara works for LGBT Youth Scotland and wanted to share her recent experience of coming out and her journey in being proudly bisexual. 

You can read Zara's story here.


Brooke thinks that there should be better information for younger people about sexual identiities and talks about witnessing biphobia.

You can read Broke's story here.


Rowan thinks that the media has a responsibility to show a more positive attidude towards bisexual people.

You can read Rowan's story here.


Gemma works for LGBT Youth Scotland, running the group Beyond Gender.

You can read Gemma's story here.


"I hadn't heard of or known anybody that was bisexual."

R shares their experience of discovering there can be more than one sexual orientation and what can be done to make bisexuality more visible. 

Click here to read R's story


Lili talks about realising she identified as bisexual, coming out and the support she received from her best friend. 

Click here to read Lili's story


Aidan shares his story of coming out, experiences of bi phobia and bi ersaure. Aidan also talks about changes that could be made to better support young bisexual people in Scotland.  

Click here to read Aidan's Story

Throughout September 2015 we will be sharing information and your thoughts on social media. 

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