LGBT National Youth Council

Who we are

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) National Youth Council (NYC) is the only youth-led national council in Scotland that specifically looks at the needs of LGBT young people today by LGBT young people themselves.

The national young activists are aged between 13-25 and live across Scotland. They are elected by other young people from their local youth groups. The elected members then have a responsibility to represent the needs of their local area and youth group.

The LGBT NYC is given guidance and support from staff and LGBT Youth Scotland who help the council to raise their profile, support them in their campaigning and provide opportunities to ensure their activism is heard.

What We Do and How to Get Involved

The National Youth Council provides a platform for the voices and views of LGBT young people in Scotland to be heard by professionals and key decision makers.

Being part of the council gives you numerous opportunities to develop and work on national campaigns, engage in policy development and activism on the issues happening locally in the area that you may represent. The majority of the work takes place at development days, training residentials and events that are held nationally throughout the year.

Being part of the NYC helps you to develop friendships and connections with other young people across the country, develop your skills and confidence, achieve accreditation for the work you do through the Saltire Awards and become more aware of your rights so  are able to make more positive changes in your own lives and the lives of others. All in all, helping you to be the best activist you can be. 

Registering Your Group for the NYC

 If you think this might be an amazing opportunity for your youth group to get involved in (if they haven’t already!), you can look into getting your LGBT youth group registered for the NYC today! Any LGBT youth groups are welcome to register. Your youth worker can find the membership forms here. There is a sign-up fee to cover some of the travel and residential costs.

Roles within the NYC

The LGBT NYC has varying levels of responsibility depending on your role or desired level of involvement you feel you can achieve within the NYC

Elected Members: have responsibility to represent LGBT young people in their area and find out their views, this is usually achieved through surgeries at their local youth group. They are also the lead for developing new projects and directly influencing and leading on campaign delivery.

Supporting Activists or Champions: can sign up without having to be elected by their group. It allows them to learn more about youth activism, gain more experience and support their elected members to carry out their responsibilities.

The LGBT National Youth Council members and champions for 2015-2017 are:

  • Adam Marini representing the ‘Flavours of Fife’ Youth Group and the Fife area
  • Megan McIntyre representing FK1nclude and the Falkirk area
  • Jack Ross representing Allsorts  and the Dundee Area
  • Michael Gowan representing Phoenix and the Dumfries and Galloway area. He is also representing LGBT young people across Scotland as one of LGBT Youth Scotland’s MSYPs for Scottish Youth Parliament.
  • Ryan Murphy representing ShhOut and the Glasgow area for young people aged 13-18 year olds.
  • Luke Murphy representing Stand Out and the Glasgow area for young people aged 18-25.
  • Callen MacKinnon for TYG and the Glasgow area.
  • Tyler Kerr representing Sound Youth and young people aged 13-17 in the Edinburgh area.
  • Christy Logan representing VADA and young people aged between 18-24 in the Edinburgh area.
  • Arden Saunders representing Beyond Gender and the Edinburgh area.
  • Kaelin Farnish representing Involved youth group and the Scottish Borders area.
  • Daniel Mitchell representing Glow and the Perth area.

The  supporting champions are; Emily Gray, Aaron Shepard, Amber Morris, , Reiss Gibney, Charlie Delaney, Anthea Koon, Michael Harley, Tiberius Fox, Alex Gardner, River Song, Chris Timmins, Chris Falconer and Emily Frood.

What Young People Have Said About Being Involved in the LGBT NYC

“I can help and try and fix issues that young LGBT people have near me, and also just generally campaign to change things. I have a lot more confidence now.”

“It's a great way to come together and see different people's experiences from across the ages and regions of the country and then try and improve the quality of living for LGBT young people.”

“It gives us a strong voice to stand up for our rights, and opportunities to build skills and meet a diverse range of people.”

Current work

Youth Commission on Homelessness

The youth commission are a group of young people aged 16-25 from across Scotland researching the experience of young LGBT+ homless people and rasing awareness of their needs. 

Read the briefing on the work of the commision here