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LGBT NYC welcomes newly elected members and opens for new champions

28th November 2013

Following a successful re-election process, the LGBT National Youth Council would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to our new members and champions in their respective groups.

Caitlyn McFarlane joins as a new member representing the Sound Youth group, ably assisted by Sarah Daly, Glen Hunter and Polo Dragan who join as new champions.

Joining existing member Katie Hogg, the Phoenix and TG Times Youth groups in Dumfries and Galloway welcome new member Michael Grieve.

We would like to wish all new members and champions the best of luck in their new roles!

Would you like to make a difference?  The LGBT National Youth Council are looking for new champions to join existing groups. If interested, please contact your youth worker for more information. If your youth group is not part of the LGBT NYC and you would like to get involved, please have a look at membership and get in touch. 

‘Your mind Matters: Talk it OUT’ Campaign launch for Professionals

18th October 2013

Running alongside the ‘Out of Sight/Out of Mind’ exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh as part of Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, the LGBT National Youth Council held a launch for their ‘Your Mind Matters: Talk It OUT’ campaign. This was greatly received and several mental health professionals/services have signed up to work with young people as part of the campaign. Thanks to everyone who has helped out, both with the art works themselves and the campaign launch.

The exhibition explored perceptions of discrimination, confinement and medication in a range of site specific work, photography, painting and narrative. 

The aim of the ‘Your Mind Matters: Talk It OUT’ campaign is to reduce stigma around LGBT young people’s mental health.  We want LGBT young people to be more confident to seek support and speak openly about self-harm and suicide in a safe and supportive environment. We are going to be creating links with mental health services and working with them to ensure that they are LGBT inclusive. 

'time for t.e.a.' video launched

13th September 2013

With support from LGBT Youth Scotland and the Scottish Transgender Alliance, the LGBT NYC developed a campaign video to raise awareness of the experiences of a transgender young person during a typical school day. The video provides insight into the way that their peers react to and treat them, which includes some direct verbal abuse and some peers struggling to know how to help. Ultimately, it encourages viewers to think about the impact this has on the young person and challenges the way we view gender.

This video was launched with TESS writing an exclusive on this campaign as the first Transgender Education campaign targeted at Scottish Education.  

‘The Transgender Education Awareness Campaign is important because I feel it is not an area that is discussed in education. Unless they know someone who is transgender, then young people in Scotland are unaware of what it means and therefore can be transphobic, without even knowing it’ (member of the LGBT NYC).

Workshops and resources developed by young people are available to download for free, in the hope that teachers, youth workers and peers will join the campaign and begin to talk openly about this topic. They have also created an eye-catching tea-themed photo pledge to start the conversation. Visit the campaign page for more information on how to get involved!

Download the full press release here

'Time for t.e.a.' photo pledge launched

28th August 2013

You may have seen the LGBT NYC at recent events such as Glasgow Pride, the British Youth Council convention and the LGBT Youth Scotland National Gathering, asking people to take part in our photo pledge for our 'Time For T.E.A' campaign. Well, now you can submit your own photographs showing your support for the campaign and helping to get the message out there that it's time for transgender education awareness.

Get your teapots at the ready and send us your best shot! 

13th June 2013

The LGBT NYC works on two campaigns every two years. Our current campaigns have now been named and finalised after our residential in June 2013 in Linlithgow:

Transgender Awareness Campaign 

Name - Time For T.E.A.

Our main message - Scottish Education should include transgender identities.

Mental Health Campaign

Name - Your Mind Matters: Talk It OUT

Our main message - We are making it safe for LGBT young people to talk about self-harm and suicide.


30th May 2013

Congratulations to our new LGBT representatives who are now in place for the 2013-2015 term! We have a busy time ahead as we push forward with our Campaigns and continue to represent local youth groups across the country.