LGBT NYC Membership

LGBT National Youth Council MEMBERSHIP

The LGBT National Youth Council (LGBT NYC) is the only national youth-led council working directly with LGBT young people and continually focuses on LGBT issues. Young people aged 13-25 represent the voices of LGBT young people in their local areas having been peer elected by their peers. The work of the LGBT NYC is supported by LGBT Youth Scotland who provide staff time, meeting space, financial management and resources. Each elected member is active for a full term lasting two years.

The LGBT National Youth Council meets regularly during development days and residentials where they feed back about activism in their local areas, develop and promote a national campaign each term, engage with key decision makers at a local and national level and engage in consultations across Scotland.

LGBT young people are a minority group who experience higher levels of isolation, discrimination, bullying and poor mental health than their peers. The views and issues that LGBT young people face are often marginalised and under-represented, resulting in lower levels of self-esteem, self- confidence and ability to participate. Having a LGBT National Youth Council gives a wide representation as possible and helps to raise the profile of LGBT young people’s needs and experiences.

To ensure that the impact of the LGBT NYC’s work reaches as many young people and areas across Scotland as possible, the LGBT NYC is always interested in connecting with and representing new youth groups.

Benefits for Members

The work of the LGBT NYC directly benefits members to become more confident, more active in their communities, and gain skills and formal accreditation. They also have the chance to meet other young people, have fun and become empowered to make changes in their communities. Additionally, they become more aware of their rights and are able to make positive changes in their own lives.

“You get to meet so many different people from around Scotland and it helps to build your confidence”.

“Residentials- These have helped me to become more confident personally and engage more

Benefits for LGBT Young People Across Scotland

The work of the LGBT NYC also benefits young people across Scotland by raising awareness and visibility of LGBT issues. As a result, the wider community of LGBT young people have reduced isolation and more access to platforms in which offer opportunity to have their voices heard.

“Delivering Workshops at National Gathering 2013- This gave young people attending a chance to have their say as to what campaigns we should focus on for the next term.”
“Development Days- These allowed me to work on campaigns I was interested in and take the workshops produced back to the groups I attend and show them how the NYC was benefitting them and the wider community as well as myself and others involved with the NYC.”

Benefits for Local and National Organisations and Policy Makers

The LGBT NYC also benefits the work of local and national organisations and policy makers by increasing their understanding of the needs and issues of LGBT young people and enhancing the inclusivity of mainstream services.

“We got to reach out to a new audience of young people.”

Scottish Learning Festival- We were able to reach out to various organisations and councils in regards to our campaigns.”

“Art Café: the interactions with the public allowed us to work with other organisations and inform others of our work.”