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We are the Voices Unheard project, a group of young people who have undertaken research on LGBT young people’s understandings and experiences of domestic abuse.  We have written and delivered training workshops for professionals and filmed two videos to raise awareness of LGBT young people’s experiences. You can see the professionals training section here

Our current work includes:

  • Developing research exploring the link between domestic abuse and homelessness experienced by LGBT young people
  • Creating a workshop exploring ‘Love as Violence’ and facilitating in local youth groups.
  • Undertaking Service Reviews, where we visit domestic abuse services to find out how LGBT inclusive they are and to offer recommendations on areas where they can improve service response
  • Facilitating a workshop at the LGBT Conference, Ayrshire
  • We also attend events to ensure LGBT young people voices are heard

Young people may not realise that they or their friends are at risk of domestic abuse and professionals may not understand that there are other things to consider when a LGBT young person is experiencing domestic abuse or bullying. Just because society doesn't see or hear about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. When someone is looking for help, it should always be available. If you want to make sure that LGBT young people have information to keep themselves safe and receive the right kind of response from services, we’d like you to join us!

Want to know more about LGBT young people’s experiences of domestic abuse? Have a look at our interview film.  

We've also written a short guide to recognising some of the signs of domestic abuse, specifically for young people.

You can access the guide here.

We are happy to answer questions but do not provide direct support. If you need help, you can find some information on our website too. Click here

We always welcome new members, so if you're interested in the project, sign up here.

Want to know more about LGBT young people’s experiences of domestic abuse? Have a look at our interview film.  

Let us know if you have any questions for us.  

What Members Say:

Working towards a common goal of diminishing domestic abuse invisibility and being educated on sexualisation and gender norms has helped further my knowledge and made me more confident.

It's given me a stronger sense of self-worth and knowing that I am part of making the future a better place is also very heart warming.”

"It's really opened my eyes to see what's really going on around me, and helped me find the help I needed myself.”

To me, Voices Unheard has made me realise that there is more to domestic abuse apart from physical violence, it has also helped me understand what sexualisation is and how it impacts on people around us.”

What about the future?

[I want to] 'build up my confidence and go out and help others in my area'.

'There is still a lot that needs to be covered and I'd like to be part of helping to achieve them.'

[To] 'be able to speak to more people and do more regarding domestic abuse.'